Friday, 30 July 2010


Last year I did a school residency with artist John Wiltshire in a small fenland school, Wisbech St Mary. I'd gone with the school on an outing to the Stained Glass Museum in Ely and we'd found some interesting characters that were later to inspire a story set in the Fen Floods of 1947.  

John Wiltshire used the story in a huge stained glass window he did with the Wisbech St Mary pupils. Painted in acrylic on perspex it hangs in the school hall with the story beside it.

Here are some examples of the original paintings Year 4 pupils did for the story - Old Slodger the Ox  

the Sure Enough Duck 

and the Fen Tiger Fox. 


  1. The children's pictures and books are incredible works of art - they will be putting us out of business soon! My favourite are the duck and fox.

  2. Yes, Trish,aren't they good. I am so inspired by children's art. But they do seem to be at their most creative up until about 10 years old and after that something distracts them - probably growing up.